PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity
PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity 

Executive Management

Thorsten Lederer

Managing Partner

Panteo Global Partners, Luxembourg


Phone: +352 20 20 25 25

Mobile: +352 691 146 023

Skype: thorsten.lederer


The seasoned team at Panteo Global Partners is led by Thorsten Lederer, Managing Partner, who orchestrates all operations and involved business partners under the umbrella of our business platform.


Thorsten has a sound track record in various senior positions within top-tier financial institutions in Germany and Luxembourg, e.g. Citigroup and ABN AMRO since 20 years. He holds a degree in banking and finance from the renowned Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. 


He has a deepened knowledge in the entire range of asset classes with an intense exposure to alternative investments since 15 years. His particular interest in illiquid asset-backed special situations, private equity real estate and distressed debt has allowed him to play an active role in those transactions on both primary and secondary markets.


The broaden scope re multi-jurisdictional issues and non-bankable assets makes him a sought after partner amongst his business network. A strong analytical and technical credit expertise is complementing his profile in cross-border corporate finance mandates with perceived complexity.


Thorsten has furthermore a comprehensive experience as trainer and salescoach. His pioneering spirit has enabled him to draw up and to successfully implement a plenty of business stimulus strategies in the international finance arena. He is a passionate networker with well-established and relevant contacts in global capital markets, the fund industry and legal sector.

In his role as moderator of the members-only LinkedIn groups "Pan European Distressed Debt Investing" and "PERE | Private Equity Real Estate Investing" he writes frequently on his favourite topics and belongs since years to the most viewed profiles on this social media platform. Thorsten is also on a regular basis speaker/panelist at major European distressed debt and special situations gatherings.

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