PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity
PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity 

Independent Directors

The role of the independent director in bringing non-conflicted thinking to board deliberations, along with the ability to constructively challenge and question management, is considered a cornerstone of good corporate governance. Board composition and behaviour are under increasing scrutiny by regulators and investors. Our directors can help your company demonstrate to shareholders your commitment to high standards of governance, supervision and oversight.


Panteo Global Partners does not view the role of an independent director as a stepping stone towards retirement. Each director has taken the decision to provide independent directorships or bespoke consultancy services as a long-term career option and is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and professional conduct.


Our independent directors will only take on a mandate if they are confident that they have sufficient capacity to do so. They will review with you the likely time commitments involved in your structure, and be transparent with you in describing their current roles and the workload involved.


Their reputations are based on providing a best in class service and can only continue to deliver this by ensuring that they are available when required and can dedicate enough time to your business.


Each of our directors has made a commitment to obtaining and maintaining a detailed understanding of each clients’ business and organization. They commit to maintain their specialist knowledge and skills through an ongoing continuous education process.

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