PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity
PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity 

Opportunistic Credit

Aside from typical management issues facing corporations all over the world, the post-credit crunch era has led to an environment where asset-rich small to middle market companies find themselves unable to obtain traditional financing in event driven or special situations.


Such situations may include:

  • Acquisition financing and management buyouts
  • Businesses in out-of-favour industries, along with hard-to-value assets
  • Bridging to an equity or debt capital markets event
  • Liquidity events and bridge lending
  • Restructurings (in-court DIP loans or out-of-court financings)
  • Rescue financings
  • Exit financings


In general terms, asset-backed capital solutions are in parts or even entirely secured by company assets to generate liquidity. By definition, these specialised non-traditional lenders, such as debt funds or other private equity sources, focus more on the liquidation value of the asset or collateral itself rather than conventional credit ratings and financial ratios.


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