PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity
PANTEO GLOBAL PARTNERS The Art of Mastering Complexity 


PANTEO is the partner of choice for a wide range of successful management teams, business owners and institutional investors alike e.g. private debt funds, hedge funds, private equity houses, entrepreneurial families, larger small caps, mid-sized enterprises, mature startups (Series A+) and industrial holding companies with existing operations in a pan-European context.


PANTEO is actively involved in lower middle market transactions, originating proprietary dealflow across the entire capital structure via its extensive partners network with a sector agnostic approach in its expertise areas.


We believe this market segment is still underserved and less competitive since it doesn't meet the natural investment profile of larger players, deploying monies beyond a threshold of €50mln where competition is much more acute.


Moreover, PANTEO serves as first point of contact for several non-European investors that would like to gain a foothold in this arena with a tailored offering of post-transaction services.


We assure a conceived opening through our interdisciplinary and multilingual team, bridging cultures wherever needed, avoiding expensive legal and regulatory pitfalls of being not compliant locally.

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